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The Big Island 2015

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http://www.badgesports.com/29067-buy-cabergoline-uk.html fabricate First I am a young at heart honorably discharged Marine and a dad. I have a great job which affords me the  opportunity to travel frequently for work and a little for pleasure.  Here you will hear a little about my awesome child, my love of travel, photography, coffee and my disdain of the politics as usual at any level. My love of my child should be self explanatory but some of my other hobbies probably deserve a little clarification.  When I travel, I rarely hit the tourist hot spots. I tend to stay off of the beaten path and spend time where the locals can be found.  If you want to know how to travel on a budget, I’m your guy.  On photography,  just because I like photography doesn’t mean I am very good at it.. its a work in progress.  I promise I am literate, however my typing skills are tragic which is odd considering I spend the majority of my time in front of a computer. I love my coffee, serve me bad coffee and I am likely to do bad things to you.

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